The Transformation of Turkey’s Production and Foreign Trade Structure – February 28, 2008

TUSIAD-KOÇ University
Economic Research Forum,

TÜSIAD & Central Bank of Turkey

Joint Seminar


Feb. 28, 2008

In the first session of the seminar, an updated version of the ERF Research Paper (re-published as TÜSİAD, ERF and CBT joint report) “The Transformation of Turkey’s Foreign Trade Structure: Global Trends and Reflections” has been presented by its co-authors, Ercan Türkan and Zafer Yükseler, both consultant to the Turkish Central Bank.  The second session of the seminar is chaired by Zekeriya Yıldırım, Member of Board of TÜSİAD High Advisory Council. In this session ERF Director Kamil Yılmaz, Prof. Erol Taymaz (METU) and Prof. Refik Erzan (Boğaziçi University) evaluated the transformation of Turkey’s production and foreign trade structure.

Zafer Yükseler, Ercan Türkan/Feb. 2008

The Transformation of Turkey’s Foreign Trade Structure: Global Trends and Reflections (Report in Turkish)

Zafer Yükseler & Ercan Türkan’s Presentation (in Turkish):

Türkiye’nin Üretim ve Dış Ticaret Yapısında Dönüşüm: Küresel Yönelimler ve Yansımalar 

ERF Director Kamil Yılmaz’s Presentation (in Turkish):

Dünden Bugüne Türkiye’nin Dış Ticaret Performansı

Prof. Dr. Erol Taymaz’s Presentation (in Turkish):

Tekstil/Hazır Giyim, TV ve Otomotiv Üretim Zincirleri