Banking Sector: Risks, Vulnerabilities, and Solutions – November 17, 2017



Opening Remarks (in Turkish)

• Erol Bilecik, President, TÜSİAD

Keynote Speech:

• Hakan Ateş, CEO, Denizbank and Leader of Banking Sector Working Group of TÜSİAD

Financial Stability & Resilience to Crises: Turkish Banking Sector Experience

Panel I: “Recent Research on Banking”

• Selva Demiralp (Moderator), Koç University and ERF

• Chiara Scotti, Fed (Board of Governors)

Uncertainty and Financial Vulnerabilities

• Koray Alper, European Investment Bank

How Do Banks Determine Interest Rates? (in Turkish)

Panel II: “Banking Sector: Problems and Suggestions”

• Barış Esen (Moderator), BloombergHT

• Evren Bolgün, FIS Treasury/Risk Management

Monetary Policy and the Banking Sector

• Gülay Elif Girgin, Şekerbank

Banking Sector: Problems and Suggestions

• Murat Üçer, Türkiye Data Monitor

• Burcu Ünüvar, TSKB