Winter Workshop in Economics
  Friday, December 25, 2009
  Koç University

  Ozgur Kibris – Sabancı University
  On the Investment Implications of Bankruptcy Laws (joint with Arzu Kibris)
  Discussant: Ozgur Yilmaz - Koç University

  Kivanc Karaman – Bogazici University
  Consolidation of State Capacity in Early Modern Period (co-author: Şevket Pamuk)
  Discussant: Muge Adalet – Koç University

  Boragan Aruoba - University of Maryland
  Informal Sector, Government Policy and Institutions
  Discussant: Sirin Saracoglu – METU University

  Engin Volkan – Bilgi University
  Smoothing Sudden Stops: Interest-Rate Rule Matters
  Discussant: Oya Pınar Ardıç– Boğaziçi University

  Birol Kanik - State University of New York at Binghamton,
  News, Housing Boom-Bust Cycles, and Monetary Policy (joint with Wei Xiaoy)
  Discussant: Hakki Yazici – Sabancı University

  Yavuz Arslan - Central Bank of Turkey
  Price Search, Consumption Inequality and Expenditure Inequality over the Life Cycle (joint with Temel Taskin)
  Discussant: Nuray Akın – University of Miami

  Ufuk Devrim Demirel - University of Colorado at Boulder
  The Value of Monetary Policy Commitment under Imperfect Fiscal Credibility
  Discussant: Erhan Artuc - Koç University