Why is there a slowdown in investment? How can it be revived?


Conference Program


Conference Photographs


Opening remarks (in Turkish)

• Barış Oran, TÜSİAD


Keynote Speech:

• M. Ayhan Kose, The World Bank

Weak Investment in Uncertain Times: Causes, Implications, and Policy Responses


Panel: “Determinants of Investment: Part I”

• Alvaro Ortiz, BBVA

• Roger Kelly, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

FDI in Turkey –Opportunities and Challenges

• Olivier Redoules, French Treasury


Panel: “Determinants of Investment: Part II”

• Asaf Savaş Akat, Bilgi University

Investment since 2011: Trends and Conjectures

• Ergin Karacebe, Alvimedica

• Fatih Özatay, TOBB ETU

Determinants of Domestic Investment

• Sinan Dallı, Alser Mining